3.3.1. How to setup your teams, sales process and objectives



Step 1: Creating a sales team

Go to Sales > Configuration > Sales team  > Click Create

Enter your team name, for example: Direct sales, then choose a team leader and add your team members.

Then click on the Add button to choose an existing team member or create new team member by click Create.

This will create new users in the system. Enter the information of your new team member(s) such as name, email, and phone, etc., then click Save.

You can tick Quotation or Opportunities or Invoice if you want to control the quotations/ opportunities/ invoices created by this particular sales team.

In Kiu BMP, each sales team can have their own email alias so when your customers send emails to the email alias of the sales team, the system will automatically create new leads in the sales process. After that,  click on Save when you’re done.

You can now access your new team from your Dashboard.                               

  • Step 2: Creating your sales process and objectives

Now that your sales team is created and your salespeople are included in the sales team, you will need to set up your pipeline or create the process by which your team will generate, qualify and close opportunities within your sales cycle. Refer to point 3.3.2 How to set up and organize your sales pipeline.

For setting objectives for the team, choose Click to define a team target in the Sales team in the Dashboard

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