3.5.4. How to sell in foreign currencies


Pricelists can also be used to manage prices in foreign currencies.

  • Check Allow multi currencies in Invoicing/Accounting ‣ Settings. As admin, you need Adviser access rights on Invoicing/Accounting apps.
  • Create one pricelist per currency. A new Currency field shows up in pricelist setup form.

Prices in foreign currencies can be defined in two fashions.

Automatic conversion from public price

The public price is in your company’s main currency (see Accounting ‣ Settings) and is set in product detail form.

The conversion rates can be found in Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Currencies. They can be updated from Central Bank at your convenience: manually, daily, weekly, etc.

So if you change the pricelist to EUR, the price will be automatically updated as public price * conversion rate

Set your own prices

This is advised if you don’t want your pricing to change along with currency rates.

Go to accounting/ configuration/ settings/ pricing/ Specific prices per customer segment, currency, etc.

Then select new pricelist with foreign currency in product form:

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