7.12.2. Instruction to read Kiu BMP Financial Reports effectively




In order to manage reports in KIU effectively, there are some features you need to familiar with.

→ View the report

For some reports, you can choose type of data view as List, Kanban, Pivot or Graph at the right corner.

  • List view:

  • Kanban view:

  • Calendar:

  • Pivot:

  • Graph: You can select type of graph like Line chart, Bar chart and Pie chart.

→ Filter data

Mostly, report in KIU will be viewed as a list. You can click directly to headline items to sort data in sequence.

Besides, you can search data of a report via search engine.

Type information and select object you would like to look for.

Or you can refine by filter functions:

  • Filters function:

  • Group by function:

  • Favorite function:

This function help you to save filtered information for effortless search next time

Another type of report is financial reports. You can filter some criterias stated at the right corner.

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