9.2. Employee


→ Create Employee

In Employee Module of Kiu BMP,  user must pay attention to some must-required field when creating a new employee, which is red-squared below:

Setting up related contact enables HR to automatically generate payroll entries for employee when running payslip ( also for overtime, leaves).


  • Related User & Related Contact are important fields. They are required once you create Leaves, Overtime, Timesheet, Employee Payslip,… When choosing Related User, Related Contact will be automatically changed accordingly > Employee Name will be changed correspondingly.
  • Please change the right Accounting Account for employee by clicking on related contact. In accounting tab, change to the right account.

→ Create Employee Contract

After creating an employee, HR move next to create contract

In contract form, Hr will fill in all information related to that employee (salary, allowance).

Please note to  fill in working schedule, Salary structure, that would help payroll run well. If all is done, click on “Running” to make that contract in running state.

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