4.1. CRM Overview

CRM (Client Relationship Management) is the most significant piece of a business. It helps the business to become a customer-centric organization by providing all the proper support to customers. 

Some of the useful features of Kiu CRM includes:
  • Priorities activities: Priorities the subsequent activities in the pipeline and meet your objectives proficiently.
  • Track your sales activities: Track the business organization all the more effectively through deals pipeline Kanban sees.
  • Schedule Meetings: Schedule meetings straightforwardly from the customer opportunity.
  • Dashboards: Collect all pivotal details with regard to ongoing and done business activities from Dashboard.
  • Get in touch with customers: Keep up Communication with clients by means of email, telephone, visit, and internet based life from inside your Kiu CRM.
  • Leads Promotion: Begin campaign by sending auto produced emails to customers in Leads. Appoint a sales rep to pursue the lead and promote it.
  • Opportunities Analysis: Dissect your chances pipeline with cutting edge channels, gathering, drill down, and so forth.
  • Lead Scoring: Score your leads dependent on unequivocal and verifiable criteria and choose which lead fulfills the benchmark to progress toward becoming chance.
  • Customized Alerts: Set custom alarms for circumstances dependent on certain exercises
  • Analyze Opportunity lost: Analyze the reasons behind the loss of opportunities and improve your sales efficiency.
Kiu CRM general workflow

CRM in Kiu can be clarified as a progression of occasions that begin with distinguishing a Lead (a future deal probability) and goes through various stages like Opportunity, Quotation, Sale Order and genuine deal (receipt age and installment). Kiu coordinates the Customer Management module alongside these procedures to achieve compelling Customer Relationship Management. The fundamental advances engaged with following a deal can be recorded as beneath.

Lead:  A conceivable future deal, it might be made in light of the fact that a client enquired an item

Opportunity:  More plausibility of offer. Here onwards the association may name an individual to catch up the client.

Pipeline: It is an advantageous instrument given by Kiu to follow Opportunity. You can make numerous stages dependent on the likelihood of the Sale and track all the more adequately.

Quotation:  When opportunity wons, then the next action triggered is sending a quotation to the customer.

Followed the Quotation changes to Sale Order, later to Invoice Generation and Payment.