7.7.3. How to configure and run schedulers?

Scheduling only validates procurements that are confirmed but not yet started. These procurement reservations will themselves start production, tasks or purchases depending on the configuration of the requested product.

You take into account the priority of operations when starting reservations and procurements. Urgent requests, those with a date in the past, or requests with a date earlier than the others will be started first. In case there are not enough products in stock to satisfy all the requests, you can be sure that the most urgent requests will be produced first.

→ Run the scheduler manually

You can also start the scheduler manually from the menu Inventory ‣ Schedulers ‣ Run Schedulers. The scheduler uses all the relevant parameters defined for products, suppliers and the company to determine the priorities between the different production orders, deliveries and supplier purchases.

→ Configure and run the scheduler (only for advanced users)

You can set the starting time of the scheduler by modifying the corresponding action in the menu Settings ‣ Technical ‣ Automation ‣ Scheduled Actions. Modify the Run mrp Scheduler configuration.