Introduction to KIU BMP Accounting

KIU BMP is beautiful accounting software designed for the needs of the 21st century.

KIU BMP connects directly to your bank or paypal account. Transactions are synchronized every hour and reconciliation is blazing fast. It’s like magic.

Instantly create invoices and send them with just a click. No need to print them.

KIU BMP can send them for you by email or regular mail.

Your customers pay online, meaning you get your money right away.

KIU BMP accounting is connected with all KIU BMP our apps such as sale, purchase, inventory and subscriptions.

This way, recording vendor bills is also super quick. Set a vendor, select the purchase order and KIU BMP fills in everything for you automatically.


It’s that easy with KIU BMP.

Wait, there is more. You will love the KIU BMP reports. From legal statements to executive summaries, they are fast and dynamic. Use KIU BMP’s business intelligence feature to navigate through all your companies data.

Of course, KIU BMP is mobile too. You can use it to check your accounts on the go.