11.1. Department Management

KIU enables you to create and manage your organizations departmental hierarchy in the most simple manner.

a.      Create department

For that, go to the configuration Employee > Department > Create.


One can see a few already created department here. Upon clicking CREATE, you can create a new one.

A create form will appear like below:


Under the form you will have the following fields:

  • Department Name
  • Parent Department
  • Manager
  • Company

Fill all necessary fields and click .

One can organize the department the way needed and add as many departments as you like in KIU.

Note: to create a sub department choose the parent department from dropdown

Note: mark it as Active, then only the created department will be available to use

b.      View Employees in the department

Employees > Department


Click on button on respective department to view employees of that department.


c.       Department wise Report

Employee -> Department

Click on option from your respective department.


You can click on any of the reports to view in detail.