4.2. Subscription Workflow

Customers subscribe on website ‣ SO is generated automatically 

‣ Based on the settings of Contract Template set at Quotation template of SO, a Draft Subscription will be generated automatically

‣ Edit info (especially End date) on that Subscription if necessary

‣ Validate the Subscription

‣ Manually create an invoice from SO at Sale Module ‣ Validate the Invoice

‣ Based on the settings of Deferred Revenue Type on Subscription Template (Contract Template) a Deferred Rev enue will be generated automatically.

‣  Next invoice will be generated automatically based on the Subscription until the End Date of Subscription

‣ The Subscription will be sent to List of Subscription to Renew by the End Date

‣ Once we renew the Subscription, a SO will be generated accordingly.

‣ Manually create 1st Invoice and start next loop.