7.2.1. General Setting

First of all, you should configure your accounting module through the following steps:

  • Chart of accounts: configure your company data
  • Fiscal year: Choose the Fiscal year last day and Lock entries. There are two levels of locking entries:
  • Lock Date for Non-Advisers: All users except advisers will be locked for editing accounts prior to and inclusive of this date.
  • Lock Date: No users, including advisers can edit accounts prior to and inclusive of this date.
  • Accounting & Finance: Company currency will be set as default at this configuration.
  • Bank & Cash
  • Multi Currencies
  • Invoicing & Payments: Set default sale tax and purchase tax, which will link directly in product form.  
  • Analytic accounting
  • Overdue payments: set the message content to be sent for overdue payment.