5. Loan Application

This is the part which helps users can send a loan request to a credit institution or bank. Only with invoices which are in payment can request a loan.Users can easily follow the status of each loan request on tab Loan Application: Sent, Approved, Funded, Repaid and Rejected.

When users meet demand of using Loan, user will receive notification that App is updated

Loan menu will appear on App

In order to create a Loan Application, go to Sell menu, click on Transactions

Click on invoice, detail of invoice will shown with the button “Apply for Loan” A pop up to request for taking survey will be shown in the 1st time create Loan Application Credit Score Survey screen will appear, click on “Start Survey” to start
Answer the list of mandatory questions, then click “Submit” for end of survey Submit successfully notification. Score result will be shown on SaaS. After done survey, click on “Apply for Loan” again to fill in Loan Application. Max amt is set up as 80% of invoice amount
Loan Application submit successfully notification. Invoice will be marked with tag “Loan requested” Go to Loan menu to see a list of Loan Application.

Loan Application detail screen