8.3. How journal entries on Kiu BMP were automatically generated?

Journal entries related to product: base on the Internal category setting up on the product form

Note: The system will take value from the Accounting tab first. If there is no setting information here, the system will get value from Internal category

To check the journal entries related to these products, user can check at accounting journal for product here, it usually  Stock journal

When recording vendor bills and customer invoices, the system will record account receivable and account payable as in Contract form

To check the journal entries related to these invoices, user can check at Vendor bill journal and Customer invoice journal

When recording payment, system will record account which was set up in Cash/Bank journal

To check the journal entries, user can check at Cash journal and Bank journal

When recording the transaction related to taxes, the system will takes value from Tax menu

When recording the transaction related to asset, system will takes value from Asset menu


Customer invoice:

Salesperson is responsible for creating draft invoices (from the Sales module). The accountant just needs to go to Accounting >>Customer >> Customer Invoices, then select the correct bill draft, check the invoice information, then click Confirm.

Vendor bill:

Go to Accounting >> Vendor >> Vendor bills, click on “ Create” button

  • Choose Vendor
  • In the field “ Auto-Complete”, the system will suggest all purchase orders related to that supplier. The accountant chooses the exact order to create a vendor bill (the system informs the bill value), the order’s information will be automatically updated. The accountant just needs to check the information and then click Confirm.

Register a payment: 

  • Accounting module >> Vendors>> Payment
  • Accounting module >> Customers >> Payment


Dashboard displays information from accounting journals. The customer invoice journal shows invoices waiting for confirmation, total pending payment. User can click on this information to view more detailed information.

Not all accounting records are displayed on a dashboard. To choose an accounting journal that displays regularly on the dashboard, user can follow these steps:

  • Remove the Favorites filter that is set by default in the search bar.
  • Select the accounting journal you want to save in the Favorites filter. Click Add. Then click the star icon next to the word Favorites to make it turn yellow.