3.5.5. How to set tax-included prices

In most countries, B2C prices are tax-included. To do that in KiuBMP, check Included in Price for each of your sales taxes in Accounting Configuration Accounting Taxes.

This way the price set on the product form includes the tax. As an example, let’s say you have a product with a sales tax of 10%. The sales price on the product form is $100.

If the tax is not included in the price, you will get:

    • Price without tax: $100
    • Taxes: $10
    • Total to pay: $110

If the tax is included in the price:

      • Price without tax: 90.91
      • Taxes: $9.09
      • Total to pay: $100

You can rely on following documentation if you need both tax-included (B2C) and tax-excluded prices (B2B): How to manage prices for B2B (tax excluded) and B2C (tax included)?.

Show tax-included prices in eCommerce catalog

By default prices displayed in your eCommerce catalog are tax-excluded. To display it in tax-included, check Show line subtotals with taxes included (B2C) in Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings (Tax Display).