10.1. Introduction to Kiu BMP project

As a business manager, I have a varied job involving multiple stakeholders. To manage every task seamlessly, KIU BMP Projects is of great help.

With KIU BMP Projects, our project team members can easily plan and execute the launching of a new product line in Canada. I organized this project by creating different stages. It allows us to clearly identify the status of any task at any time, and for any user. It is convenient for any other project manager too.

These well-structured project stages are fully customizable. Here I identify one missing stage, I can easily add it in just a click. In our project management process, I proceed to a final review, so I add this stage. KIU BMP projects is designed to work for any kind of business.

Once a task is done, each colleague can highlight it by changing its status. That will help the project manager to review the task before changing the stage with a simple drag and drop. Easy, right?

We can also organize the different tasks by adapting the view. Here, I select the list view, which shows other information such as the working time progress. If I click on my task, I land on the form view where I can edit the planned hours and enter my timesheets. This is a great tool for any project manager. Controlling the working time progress and the time spent for each team member is essential. I set the time for the sales team training to 24 hours. Today, I prepared the material, so I will log 4 hours in the timesheet. The working time progress updates automatically. Thanks to this timesheet integration, the project manager has a thorough follow-up on the progress of each task.

Another great feature in KIU BMP projects is the forecast tool. When it is activated, I can plan resources per project and the workload. Therefore, the time allocation for other projects is much easier. For this project, I have to train members of the sales team. It will require 50% of my time until the end of the week. As project manager, I can do this resource allocation for any user and adapt it according to their other projects. This will prevent any form of time overlap. I can reassign a task or adapt the deadline. KIU BMP projects is the perfect app for strategic and executive planning.

Plus, every aspect of any project can be analyzed, thanks to the reports. For example, We can have a report of effective hours spent in comparison with the planned hours. I can assess the profitability of any project, any task, or any team member. I can also look at the number of hours assigned to each team member.

Another element of an excellent project management is communication. This is a key factor for the success of any project. While dealing with multiple stakeholders, being able to share documents directly in the task is very helpful. With KIU BMP projects, I can discuss through the chat feature that is always one-click away. I can also start a new conversation with anyone in my team.

In addition to being a powerful app for managing projects seamlessy, KIU BMP projects is also an effective customer service or after-sales app. With it, I can follow any customer issue, even create a dedicated support project. The app also automatically creates an invoice of time spent on tasks or issues.

KIU BMP projects is a powerful, yet easy-to-use app. At first, I used the planner to clearly state my objectives and set up the project app. Get this app, it will help you get started quickly too.