9.7.4. How to post expenses & reimbursement in accounting

Once expense reports approved by managers, the accounting department goes to Expenses ‣ Accountant ‣ Expense Reports To Post to check accounts, products and taxes. They can click Post Journal Entries to post related journal entries into your books. To do so, the user must have following access rights:

  • Accounting: Accountant or Adviser
  • Expenses: Manager


To post an expense, a Related User must be set on the Employee form. If you get a related blocking message when posting, click to open Employee form, go to Personal Information tab and select/create the contact of your employee in the address book. A contact has been automatically created if this person is using Kiu BMP.

→ Reimburse employees

You can now see all the expense reports to reimburse in Expenses ‣ Accountant ‣ Expense Reports To Pay. To record the payment or pay by check, click Register a Payment.