2. Selling at POS

This is the most important part, helping you manage the quantity and amount of goods sold during the day. The system automatically calculates grand total amount in case customer buy multiple products at the same time or help you calculate excess amounts to be returned to the customer.

  • To check out products, you should follow steps below:

In Step 2: Users set opening balance in this box.

Step 1 – Go to POS menu

Step 2 – Open session

Step 3 – Choose product

Step 4 – Choose product quantity

Step 5 – Click on Check out button

Step 6 – Choose customer

Step 7 – You can search customer

Step 8 – Click on Check out button

Step 9 – Enter paid amount

Step 10 – Order completed

Step 11 – Sales Transactions

Step 12 – Inventory updated

  • To Close session, users can do as steps below:

Step 1 – Close session

Step 2 – Check cash in drawer



●        If Cash in your drawer is not the same as calculated in App, you should click on “Adjust Cash”

Step 3 – Adjust Cash

Step 4 – Type amount and reason

Step 5 – Confirm and close

  • To view POS orders, go to Dashboard, click on Sale Transactions menu > tab POS

Step 1 – Go to Sale Transactions

Step 2 – Choose POS order

Step 3 – Detail POS order

  • Voiding POS orders means canceling the order you recorded before, products will be returned and money is refunded. Each POS order only can void one time. A new refund order will be created if you complete voiding a transaction.

Step 1 – Go to Sale Transactions

Step 2 – Choose POS order

Step 3 – Click on Void Transaction

Step 4 – Confirm to void

Step 5 – POS order after voiding

Step 6 – A refund order created

  • If your product quantity is not enough to sell or less than the minimum quantity set up before, the system will alert and do not let you sell. To continue selling at POS, you have to adjust quantity more than the minimum

Step 1 – Click on Edit product quantity

Step 2 – Enter quantity

Step 3 – Quantity updated