III. App

Only Supplier can log in to App to upload invoice, request loan via Cash in/IOU and follow Finance Requests.

Changing the password will build in the next version.

Log in screen Profile tab

Suppliers can upload invoices via App and it will automatically sync with Web-version. After clicking on “Upload invoice” Invoice uploaded from App will appear in My invoices tab in App or in Invoice tab in Web at “Confirmed” status. Invoice with Submitted state in My invoices tab will have “Cash in”/”IOU” button

Fill in Inv info & upload inv Invoice list

Click on the “Detail” button to see all information related to this invoice such as Anchor name, Supplier name, inv amount, inv due, and finance request history. Suppliers can also click on the Finance Request tab to check each FR with a filter by state. Cash in request will have a yellow note and IOU request will have green note.

Invoice detail Finance request list