New Accounting ToC

8.1. Overview

8.1.1. Introduction to KIU BMP Accounting

8.1.2. The Accounting behind Kiu BMP


8.2. Create vendor bill, customer invoice and register payment

8.2.1. From Customer Invoice to Payments Collection

8.2.2. From Vendor Bill to Payment


8.3. How journal entries on Kiu BMP were automatically generated ?

8.3.1 Check out the automatic entries


8.4. Create opening balance


8.5. Account Receivables

8.5.1. Overview of the invoicing process

8.5.2. Offer cash discounts

8.5.3. Set up cash rounding

8.5.4. How to setup and use payment terms

8.5.5. What are the different ways to record a payment?


8.6.Account Payables

8.6.1. How to manage vendor Bills?

8.6.2. When should I use supplier bills or purchase receipts?


8.7. Asset management

8.6.1. Classify Asset Types

8.6.2. Set up a Product as an Asset

8.6.3. Purchasing Asset process

8.6.4. Depreciate an Asset

8.6.5. Sell or Dispose an Asset

8.6.6. Asset Report


8.8. How to manage a financial budget?


8.9. Accounting reports

8.9.1. What are the main reports available?

8.9.2. How to do a year end in Kiu BMP? (close a fiscal year)