3.1. Overview & Workflows

3.2. Configuration
3.2.1. How to create a Salable product
3.2.2. How to Publish product on website

3.3. CRM – Customer Relationship Management
3.3.1. How to setup your teams, sales process and objectives
3.3.2. How to set up and organize your sales pipeline
3.3.3. How to create a contact
3.3.4. How to import contacts to the CRM
3.3.5. How to generate leads from incoming emails
3.3.6. How to generate leads from my website

3.4. Sales Process
3.4.1. Regular Sale Process
3.4.2. Dropshipping Process

3.5. Price list
3.5.1. How to create a Price list
3.5.2. How to apply a Price list for a particular customer/ group of customers
3.5.3. How to adapt your prices to your customers and apply discounts

3.6. Sale Report
3.6.1. How to analyze the sales performance of your team and get customized reports
3.6.2. How to review my personal sales activities (new sales dashboard)