Purchase – table of content

2.1. Regular Purchase process
2.1.1. Request for Quotation
2.1.2. Confirm Purchase Order
2.1.3. Confirm Receipt
2.1.4. Create a vendor bill
2.1.5. Bill Control
2.1.6. Lock a purchase order
2.1.7. Cancel a purchase order
2.1.8. Request managers approval for expensive orders
2.1.9. Analyze the performance of my vendors
2.1.10. Determine when to pay a vendor bill with 3-way matching
2.1.11. Raise warnings on purchase orders
2.1.12. Dropship products

2.2. Master Data
2.2.1. Set multiple vendors on a product
2.2.2. Import vendors pricelists

2.3. Purchase Agreements
2.3.1. Manage Blanket Orders
2.3.2. Manage Call for Tender

2.4. Replenishment Flows
2.4.1. Don’t run out of stock thanks to Reordering Rules
2.4.2. Trigger purchase of products based on sales (Make to Order)
2.4.3. Schedule your receipts and deliveries