5.1. Configuration

5.1.1. How to set access rights for each level of users on POS (Manager, Cashier, Waiters)

5.1.2. How to configure POS for cashier

5.1.3. How to configure POS for waiter

5.1.4. How to design a table plan

5.1.5. Which hardwares are compatible with Kiu POS

5.1.6. Hardware setup for POS

5.2. Session

5.2.1. How to open a session

5.2.2. How to close a session

5.2.3. How to manage multi-session

5.3. Sale on POS

5.3.1. How to transfer table

5.3.2. How to apply Time-limited or seasonal discounts?

5.3.3. How to create and run loyalty & reward program

5.4. Payment

5.4.1. How to process a payment of the order

5.4.2. How to pay a bill both by card and in cash?

5.4.3. How to split the bill

5.4.4. How to discount on POS

5.4.5. How to return and refund products on POS?