7.1. Overview & Workflows
7.1.1. The Accounting behind Kiu BMP
7.1.2. Accounting Definition in Kiu BMP

7.2. Configuration
7.2.1. General Setting
7.2.2. What is an account type and how to configure it
7.2.3. Journal configuration
7.2.4. Bank Account configuration
7.2.5. Taxes configuration
7.2.6. Payment Terms configuration
7.2.7. Analytic Accounts configuration
7.2.8. Fiscal Position configuration
7.2.9. Multi Currencies configuration

7.3. Purchase – Vendor Bills
7.3.1. How to record a Vendor Bills
7.3.2. How to register payment for Vendor Bill
7.3.3. How to manually match payment & bill/ invoice
7.3.4. Where to check Payable Ledger

7.4. Sales – Customer Invoices
7.4.1. How to issue a Customer Invoice
7.4.2. How to invoice a shipping cost to the customer
7.4.3. How to register payment for Customer Invoice
7.4.4. How to manually match payment & invoice
7.4.5. How to setup discount for early payment
7.4.6. How to modify a validated invoice
7.4.7. How to edit or refund an invoice
7.4.8. Where to check Receivable Ledger
7.4.9. How to automate Customer follow-up

7.5. Journal entry
7.5.1. How to create manual journal entries
7.5.2. How to input opening balance

7.6. How to reconcile Bank Statement and mass-booking your journal entries in Kiu BMP
7.6.1. Register you bank statements manually
7.6.2. Create Reconciliation Models
7.6.3. Register your payments based on the Reconciliation mode
7.6.4. Close Bank Statements
7.6.5. How to record & reconcile Internal transfer

7.7. Accounting for Inventory
7.7.1. Impact on the average price valuation when returning goods
7.7.2. How to do an inventory valuation? (Continental Accounting)
7.7.3. How to do an inventory valuation? (Anglo-Saxon Accounting)

7.8. Asset
7.8.1. Classify Asset Types
7.8.2. Set up a Product as an Asset
7.8.3. Purchasing Asset process
7.8.4. Depreciate an Asset
7.8.5. Sell or Dispose an Asset
7.8.6. Asset Report

7.9. Deferred Revenues
7.9.1. General & Configuration
7.9.2. Classify Deferred Revenue Types
7.9.3. Set up a Product as a Deferred Revenue
7.9.4. Selling Deferred Revenue process
7.9.5. Generate Deferred Revenue Journal Entries
7.9.6. Deferred Revenue Report

7.10. Budget

7.11. Analytic Account

7.12. Accounting Report
7.12.1. How to do a year end in Kiu BMP? (Close a fiscal year)
7.12.2. Instruction to read Kiu BMP Financial Reports effectively